• 40% less water spillage
  • Reduced fresh water consumption
  • Reduced manure volume

AquaGlobe bite ball valves are designed and proven to reduce water spillage. In order to release the water flow the animal is forced to take the valve into its mouth. By doing so, the animal is drinking most of the water flow. Bite ball valves save water by promoting correct drinking behavior.

Conventional valves are designed so the animals can release the water flow from the tip of the valve. With this design a lot of the water is spilled on the floor and not drank by the animal. Therefore, bite ball valves are environmentally friendly by reducing the fresh water consumption and at the same time reducing the manure volume.

Fresh water and manure handling is expensive. Bite ball valves save water by promoting correct drinking and that is why bite ball valves are also reducing cost. The cost reduction is paying for the material cost of the bite ball valves in less than three months. After that it is an investment that keeps earning for you. 

Please visit our benefits page: Bite ball valves benefits

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