Bite ball valves

An innovative and cost saving drinking system. 40% less water spillage.

The bite ball valves are developed to meet the increasing demands in modern livestock breeding. The product program offers a complete line of bite ball valves for new born to fully-grown pigs and cattle. The AquaGlobe bite ball valve is designed for the animal and allows the animal in turn to consume its needed water requirements – while having little or no water spillage. This innovative system is developed accordingly to the latest research findings and is specifically adapted to the animal’s anatomy and needs. Bite ball valves save 40% water spillage compared to conventional valves.

Savings with bite ball valves

We all know the high costs associated with water spillage. Depending on the water system being used spillage can be reduced with up to 40% or more. The installation of AquaGlobe bite ball valves will lower spillage and therefore pay for itself in a short time. The valves ball is placed far enough from the outlet of the valve, which means that the animal has to take the valve fully into its mouth before water can be released.

The capacity of the valve is also adapted to the animals’ drinking requirements and water can not be released by the animals’ scratching themselves on the valves. All in all, this will reduce water spillage, thus giving a better stable environment – lowering your wastage disposal and water spillage costs.

Water spillage investigation

The Swedish Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering (JTI) has made a study comparing the AquaGlobe bite ball valve with the conventional type of bite valve. The study shows that the water spillage is 1,6 l/animal a day with the bite ball valve and 2,7 l/animal a day with the conventional bite valve. In other words the spillage is 40% less with the bite ball valves. The total water usage is 6,2 and 8,5 l/animal a day with a difference of 2,3 l/animal a day. The total production result when looking at growth and feed consumption is the same for both systems.

From an economical point of view the water spillage is of great importance. The difference in total water usage would for a stable with 300 pigs be about 200 m³ less water to take care of. The saving in cost for storing and spreading of this water is 800 – 2000 EUR per year (4 – 10 EUR/m³). On top of that there is a lower cost for less fresh water with 100 – 140 EUR per year (1 – 1,4 EUR/m³) according to the local water cost. A lower water consumption also gives a better stable environment. A summary of this study can be downloaded here.

Test by the George Morris Centre

The bite ball valves have been compared to conventional valves. The study is made by the George Morris Centre in Canada. A summery of this test is downloadable below. The newsletter is a short summery of the study and the reading is very interesting. There has been editorial text about this in several large magazines like USA’s No. one pig magazine: National Hog Farmer and Germany’s largest agricultural magazine: Top Agrar.

The George Morris centre concludes that the bite ball valves are saving substantial amounts of water by cutting down on the water spillage. Their test barn had 35% lower total water consumption and still maintained the same production results. Their end conclusion is this: Overall, the strength of this technology lies in the fact that it is simple, environmentally friendly, and profitable. A summery of the report can be downloaded here.

Anatomically designed

Bite valves should be designed according to the animal’s anatomy. It should be natural for the animal to grasp the valve into its mouth. The AquaGlobe bite ball valve has a round design and a pressed tip, which slows down the water speed and makes it natural for the animal to drink efficiently. Because of the ball and how it is placed, it is very easy for the animal to learn to drink quickly.

Hygienic drinking system

Hygiene and water quality are important factors for the production result. It is necessary that every surface on the valve is used and that it is fully accessible by the animal, so that bacterial growth can be avoided. Drinking bowls and other types of valves invite bacterial growth. The AquaGlobe bite ball valves guarantee maximum hygiene.

Reliable and durable quality

The unique ball design makes the valve self-cleaning and the big screen efficiently prevents problems caused by particles in the water. Since bite valves take a lot of abuse, all moving parts are made in high quality stainless steel. For more specific information please download our product guide.

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