Automatic Flow Control

  • All animals get the same amount of water
  • Adjusts automatically to the water pressure
  • Less water spillage
  • Secured growth
  • Same water flow
AFC Flow Chart

AquaGlobe has developed an automatic orifice for some of its watering

The AFC orifice is available as an option in AquaGlobe watering valves. The AFC orifice works best in the pressure range 1-6 bar (15-90 psi). With long water lines the pressure is too high in th


e beginning of the line and too low in the end of the line. If many animals drink at the same time the pressure in the end of the pipe will be even lower. All stables have different pressures depending on pump and long/short water lines. The AquaGlobe Automatic Flow Control adjusts for all those different pressures and give all the animals the same amount of water. And the best of all, it is automatic!Automatic Flow Control

For more specific information please download our product guide

Pig drinking illustration