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About AquaGlobe

AquaGlobe is a world leading manufacturer of watering nipples.

AquaGlobe was founded in 1996 and is a family owned industrial corporation. We are developing, producing and marketing livestock drinking systems.

Our main focus is to develop products that save water and therefore contribute to increase profit for animal breeders. Saving water also gives much less impact on the environment. The combination of increasing profit and at the same time gain environmental benefits is very important for every one in the business.

The factory and head office is situated by the campus area of the Swedish Agricultural University. The closeness to the university has been beneficial in our product development because of product testing and cooperation with JTI (Swedish Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering). JTI is a part of the university. Please read more here.

AquaGlobe world leading watering nipples are currently being marketed in over 30 countries on all continents.

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AquaGlobe office and factory
AquaGlobe office and factory

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