Developing and producing livestock drinking systems since 1960.

We manufacture watering equipment for professional meat producers. Our products reduce wasted water by innovative design.

Bite Ball valves

Water saving

Bite ball valve and drinking bowl
Drinking Bowl

Easy to operate

Cattle in field

Lower environmental impact

We focus on reducing waisted water by innovative product design. Reducing water waste give lower environmental impact and at the same time increased profit for meat producers. By lowering water waste, less fresh water is pumped out of the wells and manure volumes will be reduced. Fresh water and manure is very expensive to handle. In many places of the world fresh water is decreasing and too much manure is an environmental concern.

Unique features

AquaGlobe watering equipment for pigs and cattle offer unique technical watering solutions.

Highest quality

We use the highest quality materials for our pigs and cattle waterers made in our own Swedish factory.

Triple tested

AquaGlobe test every single product to ensure proper function when watering pigs and cattle.

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